Yee Wong

Obituary of Yee Wan Wong

Yee Wan Wong (née Ng) was born in the Taishan region in the Guangdong province of China.  She found her way to Hong Kong where she eventually met her husband, Yuen Bun.  The family then made the bold step of immigrating to Canada.  The family lived in Montreal the first few years, before making Ottawa home.  After retirement, she resettled with her husband in Richmond Hill.



黃伍綺雲出生於中國廣東省台山地區,早年移居香港。她和先生,黃元彬,在香港相遇,並結成連理。隨後,孤注一擲,舉家移民加拿大。  她和家人先是選擇在滿地可定居,數年後,移居渥太華市。退休後,黃伍綺雲和她先生在列支文山度過了平和的晚年生活。


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