Robert Jelking

July 21, 1944 - April 21, 2021

Robert Jelking passed away peacefully in his home. He was born in Brussels, Belgium and immigrated to Canada as a child with his parents, settling in Vancouver.  He obtained his MBA at the University of British Columbia and, being bi-lingual, was perfect for a government career. In Ottawa, he was a Senior Public Servant in the Federal Government helping implement changes at the National Gallery, the Treasury Board, and the Freedom of Information Act, among many others.  He was fortunate to enjoy many retirement years.  He loved to travel and made many trips across Canada, Europe, and the United States. He loved his home, his time devoted to hobbies, and his love of food and cooking. He is greatly missed by his partner, Karen, and his step-daughter, Jackie.  A Memory Gathering will be held in the garden at a later date, as COVID conditions change for us all.