Burial Vaults

Designed to protect caskets and urns once interred or buried, vaults are lined and sealed to be water and mildew resistant. 

Due to their solid construction, they also support the ground around the grave and keep it from subsiding. Vault prices depend largely on the features offered, from lined and sealed vaults to single-reinforced, plastic lined models.
Whether or a casket or urn, our vaults can all be personalized to your taste. There are many reasons to purchase a burial vault, some of them include: Providing family with a sense of security, protection for the casket after burial, warranty, peace of mind, and to exceed the expectations of family and what they deserve.

How Concrete Vault Protection
Withstands Different Types of Loads 

Burial vaults are created to protect their contents after being buried or interred. Due to their solid construction, they also support the ground around the grave and keep it from subsiding. Below is some information about typical stressors burial vaults may encounter after burial.

  • Static Load

    A static or stationary load is simply the weight of the earth that rests directly over a burial vault. This load has decreased since the 1920s. In most cemeteries today, the average grave has 18 inches of earth covering, which results in a static load of approximately 4,000 pounds (two tons).

  • Dynamic Load

    A dynamic load is a load that varies in intensity. This load is transferred to a burial vault as heavy cemetery equipment passes over the grave. The equipment used in cemeteries is much larger and heavier today. Some cemeteries use a backhoe, which weighs close to 14,000 pounds on average.

  • Impact Load

    An impact or shock load is produced by a mechanical tamper or the dropping of a backhoe bucket and delivers a very concentrated force through the soil. This has an extreme effect on a small area of the burial vault cover at shallow grave depths.

For Caskets

Aegean Vault


  • Higher Quality  —  The Aegean is a concrete vault totally encased in a high impact polystyrene,
  • Affordability  —  When you combine the beauty, durability and strength, you are offering a higher quality vault at an affordable Price.
  • Color  —  White Marble, Black Marble, Grey Granite, Cherry Wood              
  • Security  —  The Tongue and Groove design combined with the Butyl tape provides a sense of security.


  • Superior Quality
  • Interior    —    Is enhanced by pure copper sheeting and is bonded to a polystyrene liner, and is secured to reinforced concrete.
  • The beauty of this vault highlights a wide variety of caskets, particularly those made of copper.
  • Exterior    —    This vault features a superior copper cap in addition of a personalized name plate and decorative handles complete the image of beauty. The exterior is completed by a superior finish.
  •     Security    —  The Tongue and Groove design combined with Trigards Butyl tape provides a sense of security.


  • Good Quality

A unique reinforced vault design based on the strength and performance of the structured arch.

  • Interior    —  A vacuum-formed polystyrene liner is bonded to and surrounded by
  • Exterior    —    High strength reinforced concrete.  Enchanced painted finsish.
  • Security    — The tongue and groove design in combination with Trigard's butyl tape provides an immediate and secure seal.


  • High Quality
  • Interior    —  The unique marble polystyrene liner is surrounded by reinforced concrete.
  • Exterior  —  This vault features a smooth marble cap, a raised church window design which adds another strength to the vault. The high quality painted finish and the decorative bar handles add a very personal touch.
  • Security  —   The Tongue and Groove design combined with Trigards Butyl tape provides a sense of security.

For Urns

Aegean Urn Vault


  • Higher Quality
  • Interior    —     High Impact Polystyrene Marble Liner
  • Exterior    —      Decorative corner columns and intricate moldings complete the refined look of the smooth marble.
  • Dimensions
    • Exterior 15’’x15’’x18’’
    • Interior 12’’x12’’x14’’
  • Color    —      White Marble, Black Marble, Grey Granite, Cherry Wood
Colonial Urn Vault


  • Basic Urn Vault
  • Dimensions
    • Exterior 12’’x12’’x16’’
    • Interior 10’’x10’’x12’’
  • Color    —     Textured Gold Finish