Bereavement is one of the most difficult and overwhelming life challenges we will face — and it shouldn’t come with paperwork.

That’s why at Cole Funeral Services, we take care of it for you.

We will handle organizing all the details, legalities and paperwork that must be dealt with efficiently. While not intended to replace a lawyer, accountant or other professional, we can also notify the necessary  government, pension, service and business organizations. At a time when families are living with grief, loss, regret and loneliness, the Cole family will be  on hand to offer practical, compassionate and above all, confidential support.

Aftercare Checklist For Families

(To Have Prepared for Our Aftercare Service)

Veterans Affairs Number  *
If Any Other Pensions Received, Need Information About Company   *
Credit Cards
(under deceased name only)
  Life Insurance Policies
Car Insurance Policies
House/Tenant/Cottage Insurance Policies
Property Tax Bill for All Properties   *
Water and Sewage Bill   *
All Utility Bills
(under the deceased name or both names)

Deceased SIN Card or Number
Surviving Spouse’s SIN Card or Number
Deceased Health Card or Number
Original Marriage License  
(if there is a surviving spouse)
 SIN Number of Surviving Children Under 18
SIN Number of Surviving Children 18 – 25 and Attending School
  HST *
Superannuation Number *
National Defense Superannuation Number  *

NOTE:   Bell Canada Family Must Call Themselves to Report.

If there is a surviving spouse, 4 copies of Proof of Death.
If there is no surviving spouse, 3 copies of Proof of Death.

*  if applicable